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We have extensive institutional expertise in managing and maintaining critical equipment and properties. The array of these specialized services will help our clients uncover long-term strategy to meet their unique goals.

Maintenance and AMC Management

Our asset maintenance framework coupled with our expertise enables us to undertake and coordinate maintenance activities as per the planned schedule, thereby minimising production losses or quality-related issues and enhancing the life of the equipment. We implement strategies to optimise asset value based on the clients' organisation timelines and long-term goals.

Retrofit Project Solutions

Our team of experts can execute projects to modify the existing systems with new equipment and technology to achieve specific business objectives in terms of reduced operating cost, enhanced lifespan and better efficiency.

Property Management

Our tailored solutions are designed to meet the changing needs of our clients’ business environments, ranging from command centre, ensuring applicable compliances, billing, collection, accounting to delivering cutting edge multi-level facilities and property management solutions. Command centre will provide advanced analytics to our clients for real-time monitoring of their premises enabling quick detection of critical system issues to avert damages, optimize costs and operations translating into energy savings.

Energy Management

Our subject matter experts in energy efficiency help reduce energy utility bills and carbon emissions through a wide spectrum of cost-effective strategies.

Waste management solutions

We at PSIPL offer a novel approach to waste management and recycling through our experienced service partners as we see value in this sector. Our waste management and recycling solutions cater to all waste streams including wet bio-degradable waste, e-waste and dry recyclable waste.

Occupational Health & Safety Management

At PSIPL, we understand and incorporate applicable environmental regulations and safety procedures in our processes to ensure the company and its employees are well-protected. Our added capabilities to provide indoor air quality testing services, thermal imaging services, Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA) studies, electrical and fire safety audits reinforce our commitment to ensure a safe and healthy environment for our clients to operate in.

Façade Cleaning Services

We work with experienced and competent partners to create long-term value retention of the building and enhanced life of the façade. We create a motivating ambience for its occupants and users while ensuring the safety and well-being of the operators.

Strategic Sourcing & Vendor Management

We partner with the best-in-class vendors to provide the optimal mix of self-performed and contracted-out services to meet our clients' quality and cost goals.

Other Services