Life @ PSIPL Life @ PSIPL

Talent Acquisition

At PSIPL, our business is all about our people.

Our endeavor is to keep our employees constantly motivated with challenging assignments. We believe in fostering a work culture and an environment committed to growth of individuals and performance of the organization. Over the years, we have always aimed at creating a team that is passionate and driven by their professional goals.

We empower and encourage our employees to create their own career path. Employee's contributions in their field are valued and we believe in reinvesting in our staff through mobility and career growth opportunities. At PSIPL, you will experience an amazing diversity of people, projects and opportunities.

Talent Acquisition
Talent Development

Talent Development

At PSIPL, we believe that “Talent Development, is people development” and it is the most significant influencer in panning out personal and organizational growth.

Our well-researched training programs enable our employees to pursue self-development, ambition and career growth. We are constantly redefining and redesigning our learning programs to enable our teams to cope with the fast changing techniques and methods, to sharpen their abilities and acquire new skills and step into new exciting roles.

Our flexible training options include online training, self-study, course reimbursements, enrollment into reputed business schools for advanced courses etc.

Talent Management

At PSIPL, we strive to make your work here a fulfilling and meaningful experience by improving your quality of work life now and into the future.

Our attention to details for accurate compensation and timely benefits, structured policies, an unbiased and transparent Performance Management System (PMS) encourages our employees to work in a stress free environment.

Our values and culture promote team work, relationship building and inter personnel skills.

Talent Management
Employee Empowerment

Employee Empowerment

We believe that a powerful way to empower is to update employees regularly on the impact of their actions on the business.

At PSIPL, we follow a practice of sharing information, rewards, and power with employees so that they can take initiatives and make decisions to solve problems independently and improve service and performance.

We understand the need to demonstrate trust in our employees, communicate a clear vision of the promoters at all levels and delegate more than just work.

Recognition and Rewards

At PSIPL, we strive to reward our employees for their outstanding work and offer benefits to promote their professional, personal and financial well-being.

We believe that employee recognition is an acknowledgement of an individual or team’s behavior, effort and accomplishment that support the organization’s goals and values.

In order to encourage the culture of appreciating we have introduced number of awards by way of certificates, letters, announcements and incentives too.

Recognition and Rewards
Fun at work

Fun at work

At PSIPL, we take fun and enjoyment seriously.

In the competitive business world, to keep the organizational goals and objectives on track, constant challenges and increasing stress levels are inevitable. It is our endeavor to make the workplace lively, atmosphere flexible, to achieve

  • Enhanced motivation
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced stress
  • Higher job satisfaction

We believe that having some fun at workplace improves teamwork and builds trusting relationships.

Employee Speak

Our employee love their challenges each day at work. Their enthusiasm to take on new responsibilities and the pride they take in what they do is a testimonial  to our success. Hear our heroes speak:


With a PAN India presence, over 300 satisfied customers and a great vision ahead, PSIPL is the right place for your career to grow.

Your role with PSIPL will focus on training and leading a team of employees, managing client relationships and ensuring business growth.