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We have extensive institutional expertise in managing and maintaining critical equipment and properties. The array of these specialized services will help our clients uncover long-term strategy to meet their unique goals.

Space Planning

We help track space available at the facility, redesign it considering the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing aspects enabling its optimal allocation. Reports generated aid department or account-wise cost computations leading to a more efficiently managed workspace. We assist you in relocating with activities planned in a phased manner ensuring smooth transition in off-peak periods without affecting your operations.

Staffing Solutions

We provide quick, flexible solutions for clients’ staffing needs, which will help them, derive valuable outcomes for their business. We have the resources and infrastructure to mobilise a workforce based on client needs and deliver to their expectations.

Space Planning
Move Management

Move Management

We make sure every re-location ensures that the employees at the client's end maintain 100 percent productivity. Our layers of contingency plans ensure there are no surprises while giving you the entire visibility of space resources and hence ensuring timely completion and smooth business continuity.

Transport & Logistics

We manage your fleet of vehicles efficiently and economically ensuring their smooth and timely running that add to your bottom line. Our solutions are in complete alignment with government legislations, environmental concerns and help improve productivity and drive down cost without occupying more cabinet space.

Mailroom & Record

We provide complete mailroom and record management solutions that are key for timely dispatch, transfer, receipt and retrieval of documents, records and mails, enhancing the day-to-day productivity of employees. We ensure these essential tasks do not become a hindrance in routine office operations. All these services are tailored to suit specific client requirements.

Mailroom & Record<br>Management

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