Life @ PSIPL Life @ PSIPL

Praveen Margaj

Manager operations

I have been working with PSIPL since 2014, and it has provided me a great career path by providing me ample opportunities to enhance my skills. PSIPL is very caring towards its employees and gives us benefits through its Welfare schemes. Here we get an opportunity to face the Challenges focus on our assignments and work together as a team collectively towards achieving the management goals.

Khajanchi Suresh Sharma

Housekeeping - 6 years with PSIPL

PSIPL is a great organization. The management is very supportive and helps us not only professionally but also good to be a part of a professional organization.

Krushnal Ranjit

Facility - Manager

"PSIPL is a great organization to work. The company associates are honest and have a very transparent system. A very motivating work culture with a great team of employees which gives me a great job satisfaction to work here."

Deepak Ghag

Executive - HR

"PSIPL has a great learning and guiding culture. There are ample opportunities to further one’s career path and grow one’s overall personality. From the way they value each and every employee I can say that for PSIPL "Employees are it’s greatest strength."

Leena Vasudevan

Sr. Manager

"At PSIPL we have ample opportunities for innovation. The culture of trust across the teams and a highly transparent system makes a team, rather a family, making it a better place to work."

Vasmati Rajbhar


"PSIPL is a great organisation. I have had a good learning experience here because of trainings on grooming and communication."