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Property Solutions (India) Pvt. Ltd. (PSIPL), established in the year 2000, is part of
the renowned Kalpataru Group. One of India’s largest indigenous companies in the
Integrated Facility Management Services (IFMS) segment, PSIPL represents a
differentiated approach to facilities management in India.

PSIPL offers a comprehensive range of smart, innovative facilities management solutions that target cost effective, sustainable results at our clients’ facilities and workplaces. Our offerings include technical solutions, soft services solutions, pest management solutions, security management, business support solutions and specialised services solutions delivered across a variety of sectors and clients. At PSIPL, we combine a large pool of trained resources and incisive industry expertise to meet the requirements of our clients, who are from diverse business sectors.

We at PSIPL are driven to provide our clients with compelling value-based solutions through our comprehensive services management approach and benchmarking to create workspaces built on our cherished principles of quality, trust and service excellence.

The ISO 9001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007, EMS 14001:2015 and EnMS 50001:2011 certifications are a testament to our quest for quality, safety and environmental sustainability.

Message from the Promoters

India is expected to be the fastest growing large economy in the world over the next few years. Extrapolating the experience of the last decade or so, this growth is going to be accompanied by the creation of higher quality, more integrated and hightech workplaces and facilities that will include Office Spaces, IT Parks, Residential Townships, Educational Institutes, Manufacturing Units, Hotels and Hospitals across the country. This will create an acute demand for having organisational competencies to maintain these premises in a systemic and integrated manner to enhance the well-being, motivation and productivity of the users of these facilities.

Focus on profitability along with a growing preference to concentrate on core activities has been the key drivers for organisations to outsource their non-core activities like Integrated Facilities Management Services (IFMS) to other service providers. There has been a growing realisation amongst clients about the long-term value that a professionally managed IFMS provider like PSIPL brings to the fore while managing their non-core activities.

The client organisations are not only looking for cost efficiency and service delivery but also keenly assessing how the IFMS team is adept at becoming an extension of their organisation and, eventually, an echo or a reflection of their organisational ethos. In addition, the use of technology to manage and maintain service excellence is increasingly becoming crucial for all stakeholders in the industry, be it in terms of training, operational efficiency, performance monitoring and reporting.

PSIPL, being one of the largest homegrown integrated facility managers is on an ambitious growth trajectory by capitalising on these macro-trends, and further deepening our contribution to the national mission of “Make In India” in the Integrated Facility Management and Business Support Services space. PSIPL is uniquely poised to deliver on all your facility service needs, in a manner and form that best works for you.

We look forward to partner with you and assure you of an unparalleled service experience.

From the Desk of Chief Operating Officer:

One of the biggest challenges facing facilities management companies today is their ability to demonstrate their own strategic importance. Acknowledgement, that well-structured facilities strategies can provide strategic advantages to an organisation is seldom recognised. Unlike many other professional service offerings there are no statutory requirements for types of training and skills, despite the size of budgets controlled and the enormity of the associated risk management obligations.

In India, the facilities profession has been evolving at a fast pace: from a janitorial, order-taking and administrative function; through to a controlling order-giving function; to a two-way dialogue about needs and responses; and, more recently, in some organisations to the role of catalyst to drive change and competitive advantage. The introduction of integrated facility management, along with the demand for services, such as energy management, QHSE compliances and property management strategies, is driving the market towards consolidation. Which is why, the role of the Facility Manager has become extremely crucial and pivotal in this ever-changing, volatile and dynamic environment. This evolution of FM is vital to meet the growing demands of organisations and individuals, whether its employees or clients. Yet, for all facilities management companies to remain relevant they need to understand the business of their offering: how they are defining their business; how are they structuring their operations; how are they communicating; and how they are supporting their customers’ needs.

The ideal facilities relationship model should be focused on establishing a structured, meaningful and collaborative approach to the alignment of the business and facilities strategies. This approach is critical in guiding facilities operatives into broader awareness and better understanding of the business language, parameters and needs. To truly succeed, we must embrace and embed the concept of innovation within our organization as competitive advantage will only be established through excellence in customer value and the ensuing relentless care and attention provided. While customer centricity is an important aspect of our business, equally important is the need to have highly motivated teams who drive and deliver the end experiences of customers. Only driven employees would put in the effort to find better methods to deliver quality output in the most efficient manner possible. To succeed in this fast-changing environment and achieve sustainable top-line growth, the time has come when this journey is clearly a strategic necessity, and all of us need to be clear about where we stand and what steps lay ahead of us.

Let’s Live And Lead From Here!

Deepak Shanbhag


To be the first choice in delivering excellence in integrated solutions & experiences.


We have a mission to be the most respected brand. We aim to achieve this by delivering excellence in outsourcing solutions that are customer-centric, innovative and sustainable. We strive to create an environment for our employees where they are supported, encouraged and empowered thereby enabling them to succeed.
We are committed to adding value to our community by enhancing their way of life.


Continuous Improvement

Continuously improving our solutions and services at every level of the organisation.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Being highly motivated and action-oriented with taking initiatives in ways that show ownership.

Respect For People

Respecting people for their diverse ideas and capabilities that they bring to work.

Being Responsible & Accountable

Being responsible for our actions and for the consequences of our own decisions.

Team Work

A commitment to common goals based on open and honest communication while showing concern and support for each other.

Business Ethics

Being open, committed, forthright and honest to the promises made.

Leadership Team

Anuradha Gandhi


Anup Verma


Deepak Shanbhag

Chief Operating Officer  

Vimal Ladha

Chief Financial Officer  

Sughosh Prabhu

Chief Solutions Officer  

Ameet Naik

Chief Human Resource Officer  

Vishal Sharma

National Sales Head  

Sachin Jadhav

Head-Pest Management Services  


We have received these accreditations from renowned organizations

ISO 9001:2015
(Quality Management

RvA C 071
OHSAS 18001:2007
(Occupational Health and Safety
Management Systems)

EMS 14001:2015
Management Systems)

EnMS 50001:2011
(Energy Management

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