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Successful energy audit to bring down energy consumption

Our Challenge
One of India’s largest private sector banks requested PSIPL to conduct a comprehensive diagnosis of its
facilities with an objective to bring down the overall energy consumption while maintaining the ideal
running conditions of the system.

Our Approach
With our specialized team, we conducted an in-depth energy audit to collect data about ‘as-is’ asset health
and overall efficiencies of the system. The audit also gave the team a detailed chance to look closely for
anomalies and/or deviations occurring in the system. Since HVAC is the most critical part of operations, the
heart of the system “chiller” was given primary importance. The team identified major anomalies and
inconsistencies that could result in loss of efficiency specifically with the evaporator. Using PSIPL’s
thorough audit process and data collection system, the team identified an anomaly in the evaporators of
the system that were operating with higher approach temperatures.

Our Solution
The solution was found using CBM principle (Condition Based Maintenance). Based on the analysis, PSIPL’s
team carried out chiller reconditioning with the support of chiller’s OEM/CAMC vendor.

Our Success
With zero or minimal input cost, PSIPL’s approach resulted in significant reduction of overall chiller energy
loss. This helped to reduce the approach temperature by average 1.4 0 C, which further gave approximately
3% reduction in chillers’ consumption.