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How we saved more than 40% in AHU consumption!

Our Challenge

Our commercial clients wanted us to identify key opportunities to reduce their operations & energy spends

 Our Approach

Our technical services team met up with the clients to understand their views & concerns regarding escalating energy costs, especially related to HVAC energy consumption. The team also extensively researched & collected data from client sites to arrive at means to achieve the following objectives:

    • Reducing energy consumption cost related to AHUs
    • Reducing maintenance issues in low-side of HVAC

 Our Solution

 The technical services team proposed to replace existing, energy-intensive AHU blowers with ECM blowers to reduce consumption and also improve system reliability. Based on their detailed site assessment, a POC was performed on one of the AHUs to check the actual energy savings achieved by the ECM blower retrofits. The blowers were swapped without disrupting the facility operations, in a short span of 10-12 hours over a weekend. The new blower speed was then matched using its in-built controller to achieve the same CFM and temperatures as before, with subsequent monitoring of energy consumption through a power analyzer.

 Our Success:

 Our team’s POC demonstrated how ECM blowers can be utilized for comfort cooling in commercial buildings. All this, along with the energy savings of  40+% in AHU consumption, while maintaining the same CFM and floor temperatures, made our project a success.