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Water consumption in washrooms brought down by more than 80%!

Our Challenge

Our client, one of India’s premier business schools, launched a Go-Green project and requested us to optimise water usage using eco-friendly methods.

Our Approach

Our team identified locations with maximum water utilisation like washrooms, kitchens and gardens. While most of them were equipped with drip technology and sensor based taps to reduce water consumption, it was found that every urinal consumed almost one lakh litres of water every year.

Our Solution

We proposed using water less urinals for a month to showcase the efficacy of this system to our client. In order to overcome the odour and hygiene related factors, we used urinal screens impregnated with polymerized fragrances and odour eliminator, a unique bacteria based technology which utilizes non-pathogenic bacteria and enzymes to remove foul odours. It also helped in removing urinal stains, prevent clogging and released a pleasant odour.

Our Success

Water usage in every urinal drastically reduced from 275 litres a day to 1 litre a day.