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How we enhanced existing space to accommodate 30% more!

Our challenge

Client needed to add 40 additional seating spaces in the existing facility maintained by us. The vibrant atmosphere, the comfort of the office and the safety norms were not to be compromised. Smaller size yet comfortable workspace was the only approval we had from the client.

Our approach

Our team physically assessed the complete space and the existing design layout of the facility. We chalked out a robust plan to ascertain the definite areas of saving and space optimization after understanding the work specific constraints from the client.

Our solution

After having understood the complete brief, our team deployed a state of the art space management technology tool, E Facility, and uploaded the drawings/layouts with the required specifications of air-conditioning, lighting, cafeteria spacing etc. The E Facility tool then suggested all possible permutations that helped us to remodel the facility in the most optimised manner.

Our success

Our client was satisfied with one of the three suitable options proposed for the Facility that added 68 new seats without disturbing the overall ambience and aesthetics. The plan was executed by our team successfully with a huge saving to our client.