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Electricity spend reduced by more than 20%!

Our Challenge

Our client, one of India’s leading telecom operators, wanted us to carry out a detailed study to identify key areas for energy savings without compromising on the employees’ comfort levels.

Our Approach

PSIPL team met up with the concerned client team to understand their requirements. Yearly Sun Graph was analysed to understand how the daylight could be optimally utilised in conjunction with office lighting. The entire office was divided virtually into seven zones, depending on the site feasibility, to measure the lux levels at the nominated spots at different points in time for three days, to establish a trend. This helped us to identify areas with high lux levels.


Our Solution

The office was illuminated by a mix of 34W fixtures & 18W Downlights all of which were controlled as a cluster and not individually. To ensure that the illumination in the office was adequate (in alignment with OHSAS 18001 guidelines), we identified fixtures that could be switched off without causing any discomfort or inconvenience to the client’s employees. We got the site technicians to re-arrange and modify the fixture wiring so that the control was more localised and confined to a smaller area.

Our Success

A saving of more than 20% (as compared to the previous month’s spend) was achieved with no additional spending on infrastructure or labour. The new lighting arrangement complied with the OHSAS 18001 guidelines on office ergonomics.