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Transforming our feedback mechanism

Our challenge

Usual methods of conducting surveys via emails, online questionnaires etc. to get feedback from end users proved to be not so effective due to low response rate making the sample size too small to ascertain any specific trend and lag between feedback & corrective action.

Our approach

Our team aimed to capture real time feedback at the point of service delivery using automation. It was decided to capture this feedback graphically using emoticons with not more than two-three questions. This would help us in getting a better response from the end users and help in improving our service delivery.

Our Solution

Our team installed tablets with a feedback platform which had features like cloud-based monitoring and SMS integration. It was tactically decided to mount the tablets near the washroom exits. Only two questions, on Odour and Cleanliness levels (for which feedback was sought from the users), with emoticons were displayed. With every negative response, the concerned housekeeper got an SMS alert and a notification was sent to the Command Centre for subsequent follow-up.

Our Success

On the first day of implementation, around 350 responses were received (of the total employee strength of around 650 at the client location) with our average rating of 7.1 on 10. Within two months of implementation, our scores improved to 9.1 with an engagement rate of more than 40%. The solution helped us improve our service delivery thereby further increasing client satisfaction. The success has helped us repeat execution of this technology at other facilities.